Looking for things to do Cork City ? You’ll be spoiled for choice for things to do when you holiday in Cork City. Breathtaking scenery and landscapes await outdoor enthusiasts. The only question is whether you’ll be shopping, relaxing in a café, visiting the museums and art galleries or taking an open top bus tour about the city.
At night, will it be an opera or traditional music session, an outing to the theatre, or a browse around a food fair? As for the history and heritage buffs, you’ll enjoy the treasures on offer.
Visitors Centre, North Main Street
Located in the heart of Cork’s historic centre, and within walking distance of the city’s artistic, commercial and tourist attractions, the Vision Centre offers visitors an opportunity to appreciate a fine example of conservation in action, and to explore Cork’s evolution from past, through present, and onwards to future development.
Cork City Goal, Sunday’s Well
The Gaol has been restored as a highly exciting visitor attraction which set out to tell the visitor what life was like there for prisoners in the 19th century. An exciting Audio Visual presentation is an integral part of the experience.
The Royal Gunpowder Mills, Ballincollig
The Mills invites you to visit their exciting, and unique industrial complex on the banks of the River Lee in Cork, where the manufacture of gunpowder took place from 1794 to 1903.
University College, Cork
University College Cork was originally established in 1845 as one of three Queen’s Colleges in Cork, Galway and Belfast.
The original site chosen for the University is believed to have had a connection with Saint Finbarr, the patron saint of Cork, whose monastery and school of learning were in the area.
The UCC campus is noted for its mature well-wooded grounds containing several Californian Redwood trees. These form a splendid setting for the Gothic revival-style Main Quadrangle buildings, modelled on a typical Oxford college by the renowned Cork architect of the mid 19th century – Sir Thomas Deane.
Make sure you pop into the Visitor Centre which has memorabilia and souvenirs of UCC.
Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral
The Cathedral is located off College Road and was designed by William Burges and consecrated in 1870, the Cathedral lies on a site where Christian worship has been offered since the seventh century.
Bantry House and Gardens
The Hutchinson family built a mansion on the shore of Bantry Bay c 1740. The house was enlarged in 1765 by the White family. Many treasures can be viewed, extensive art collection and tapestries. Guided tours and tea rooms. Mar-Oct
Bantry House is not only one of the finest historic houses in Ireland, but it also commands one of the best views overlooking Bantry Bay in West Cork. It has been open to the public since 1946, the first to do so in the country. The house is still owned and lived in by Egerton Shelswell-White, who is a direct descendant of Richard White (1, Earl of Bantry), and his family.
Ilnacullin / Garinish Island
Glengarriff, Bantry, Co Cork, Ireland
Located in the sheltered harbour of Glengarriff in Bantry Bay, Ilnacullin is a small island of 15 hectares (37 acres) known to horticulturists and lovers of trees and shrubs all around the world as an island garden of rare beauty. The gardens of Ilnacullin owe their existence to the creative partnership, some eighty years ago, of Annan Bryce, then owner of the island and Harold Peto, architect and garden designer. Access to the Island is by small ferry boats and licensed 60 seater water buses. Please note that the boat operators impose a separate charge in respect of the boat journey to and from the island.
Limited access for visitors with disabilities.
Blarney Castle
Blarney, Co. Cork, Ireland
Blarney Castle was built nearly six hundred years ago by one of Ireland’s greatest chieftains, Cormac MacCarthy, and has been attracting attention beyond Munster ever since. Not all of that has been welcome, as Good Queen Bess and Oliver Cromwell could testify. But over the last few hundred years, millions have flocked to Blarney, making it a world landmark and one of Ireland’s greatest treasures.
The Mizen Head Signal Station Visitor Centre
Goleen, Co. Cork, Ireland
‘The Mizen Vision!’ Visitor Centre in the Keeper’s house and the Engine Room, the famous suspension bridge, the 99 steps and the views up the South and the West coasts, combined with the exhilaration and excitement of the wild atlantic waves and ancient tortured rocks, guarantee a unique and authentic experience. in any weather the Magic of the Mizen is spellbinding.



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