Killarney Guest House is close to plenty of restaurants Cork City has to offer. There are lots of restaurants in the Huguenot Quarter and also on the various different streets off St. Patrick’s Street. Many of these places are in quite a compact area so you don’t have to go far to find a great selection.

Vegetarians and vegans need not fear, as Cork is not only a city for those who enjoy black pudding and seafood. There’s a great veggie friendly place on Sullivan’s Quay, the Quay Co-Op. Here you’ll find really generous portions at low prices and a vegan friendly dessert selection that’ll make your mouth water.

Thai to Mexican to Indian, as well as European, foods from all over the world can be tasted in various places around the city.

Café Mexicana on Carey’s Lane just of St. Patrick’s Street is a really good choice. Not only is the food pretty authentic and the portions large, but they do great offers on both combo meals and drinks, including jugs of sangria. The interior’s colourful and quirky, with tiles painted with Mexican imagery used instead of traditional placemats. If it’s coffee you want,Cork Coffee Roasters and Café Gusto are both great places to check out. Cork Coffee Roasters have their own special blends and do a delicious range of pastries too, making this the ideal spot for a leisurely breakfast.